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Hey friends, In this blog, I will give you some practical ways that how to become powerful in life. The power I mean is here the ability to influence people and your surroundings. which will make some people respect you, others Fear You And attract that can help you to get what you want. so let’s begin,

Plan all the way to the end

I have a friend who just keeps on ticking all the time .give you opinions and advices, whether you ask him or not. and the consequence of that is no one takes him seriously not even kids. Even if he saying something really important. he hates it when he has to repeat his sentences twice or thrice. but still, no one is listening.

On the other hand, I have a friend who speaks very less. but when he speaks everyone pays attention to him.even stop is there saying something and start listening to shows the power of speaking less. which I think is related to the law of scarcity that I explained in my how to manipulate blog.

Always say less than necessary

Now let me tell you some ways on how this tricken make you powerful. first it will make people reveal more about themselves. people listen to your every word very carefully. third saying less will keep you away from saying something foolish or dangerous. remember powerful people impress and intermediate others by saying less.

Get others to do the work for you

Use the knowledge, wisdom, and leg work of other people to achieve your own dreams. That will save your a lot of time and energy. Never do yourself what you can get done from others. Thomas edison used to use this principle quite a few times. and took read for other people’s effort.he hired a servant scientist name Nikola Tesla. and told him to pay $50,000 to modify his invention dynamos. which is commonly known as generator today.

get others do the work for you

Tesla worked World day and night and made in improved version for him.edison instead of giving 50000 ,raised his salary and kept the scientist working for he knew that was genius and can be very beneficial for him.tesla is a prime example.but you should not do.

He invented many things but was never credited for his work.he would have gotten 12 million dollars for his patent and work but the instant he got 216000$ as payment. working for someone else. the idea to adopt from Edison here is to hire the best people in their field and make them work and achieve our dreams.

Plan all the way to the end

There was a time when I had interested in playing chess. because I thought it would make me look smarter. But I gave up on it after getting defeated by everyone all the time. now after so many years, I realize why I used to lose every game so pathetically in chess. Normally we have a specified goal to checkmate our opponent. and that is our main goal.

But I never plan for it. I just used to think only about my next step. I used to make my moves depending on the opponent’s move and forgotten my end goal. totally. on the other hand, my opponent made all the moves keeping the end in The Mind from the start. that is to checkmate me and therefore the won every time.

how to become powerful in life

how to become powerful and strong

We can relate this to our life. most of the people don’t think about their end goal. and just make decisions at the end time. which put them in a situation where someone highest them for the rest of their life To achieve their they never plan for their own dream to become a reality.

So if you make a specific goal and then take actions accordingly to full feel that goal. You would surely become powerful and separate yourself from the crowd.these were some of the Lost from a fascinating book 48 laws of power by Robert Greene. which is one of my favorites.

So, friends, I hope “how to become powerful in life”. You must have liked this post. And if you have any kind of love problem, then you can contact me for its solution.
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  1. A faithfull thought…..that yes i am as i know to my self being an wild Eagle,,,never stop dreaming to reached what ever i wanted to be… the power of mottivation,cheering,faithfullness…….
    Never give up and move forward with courage,lesson from challenge🙏💝💝💝👉💪💪💪🦅


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